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Book Review (by Kayleigh 10/01/17) The Girl Online Trilogy by Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

Title: Girl Online (Book 1)

Author: Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella)


Penny has started an anonymous blog under the alias ‘Girl Online’ where she writes about her feelings, friendships, boys, family and panic attacks as she learns to handle her challenging life. Things only get worse when her Mum books a job in New York and has to take the whole family with her. While she’s in New York, Penny meets a handsome, guitar-playing, American called Noah Flynn. Penny writes about every moment on her blog, but Noah has a secret too that could threaten to expose her as ‘Girl Online’.


I thought this was exciting and an easy read. I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. I enjoyed every second of it. Even though Zoe had not written a published book before, this seemed like she had written hundreds. It flowed really well and ended in a great way that tied up loose ends but also left enough so that a second book could easily be continued on after it.

I give this book a 5 yarn rating.

Title: Girl Online: On tour (Book 2)

Author: Zoe Sugg


Penny’s new boyfriend Noah Flynn invites her on his European music tour. But Noah has a busy schedule, his bandmates are rude and unwelcoming, and Penny is getting threatening messages from fans. She starts to wonder if she is cut out for the lifestyle of a famous rock star’s girlfriend, while still writing her blog for only a few select people to see.


This book was just as good as the first one. The story continued on and fitted nicely with the first one. Zoe tied up most ends, although, this time left it with a slight cliff-hanger. As soon as I’d finished reading I wanted to know what the fate of Noah and Penny would be. The more I read about them the more I fall in love with their story as well as Elliot and Alex’s. There are some parts that made me laugh out loud and others where I was rooting for things to work out. It was an incredible read and I would definitely recommend it to any teen or young adult wanting an escape from the real world and into an almost perfect fantasy.            

I give this book a 5 yarn rating.

Title: Girl Online: Going Solo (Book three)

Author: Zoe Sugg


Penny is starting a new school year, but Noah has disappeared after ending his tour early and no one knows where he is. Penny decides to move forward with her life by visiting her friend Megan at her performing arts school, where she finds a girl with severe stage fright and a lead role in a school show. She also meets a photography student at the school, a Scottish boy named Callum. Unsure if she can ever move on from Noah, Penny continues to write her blog and work on her photography while Noah’s shadow seems to appear everywhere.


The most recent instalment of the Girl Online series is a great addition to my bookshelf. It became my bedtime read for multiple nights. I enjoyed the new character additions and the plot of Penny finding herself away from Noah and finding her great (and not so great) friendships along the way. It continued on from the previous book and ended well tying up all the story lines, leaving no cliffhanger, but still leaving curiosity of what could be next for Penny. (I am hoping for a book four, fingers crossed!) It was written so well it’s like a movie in my mind; I think it would make a great film (or maybe even multiple films).

I would recommend reading the whole series from beginning to end and then reading it all over again because it’s just that good.

I give this whole series a 5 yarn rating, not one book outshone another they were all equally brilliant.

May all your Creative wishes come true...


I definitely rate this a full 5 out of 5 read, with a perfect ending.

The Girl Online Trilogy by Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

gets the

Ooh, look at me! Book Club

5 Book Rating

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Ooh, look at me! - Book Club Book Review - Girl Online by Zoe Sugg Zoella Ooh, look at me! - Book Club Book Review - Girl Online by Zoe Sugg Zoella Ooh, look at me! - Book Club Book Rating out of 5 Ooh, look at me! - Book Club Book Rating out of 5 Ooh, look at me! - Book Club Book Rating out of 5 Ooh, look at me! - Book Club Book Rating out of 5 Ooh, look at me! - Book Club Book Rating out of 5