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BOOK REVIEW  (By Natasha 09/12/16) - Kipper’s Christmas Eve by Mick Inkpen


“Kipper’s Christmas Eve” is about Kipper the Dog and putting up a tree for Christmas with the help of his friends.


My daughter used to watch Kipper on TV when she was younger and we would get the books out from the library too. This book was one of hers that we bought from a book club. This makes a great bedtime story for Christmas because it is quite calm and the illustrations are not too bright or chaotic. This will bring fun dreams of Christmas presents and snow, as well as love and friendship. It is also a reminder that it is better to give presents than receive them and be with the ones you love.

Our family give “Kipper’s Christmas Eve” a rating of 5 out of 5!

Kipper’s Christmas Eve by Mick Inkpen

gets the

Ooh, look at me! Christmas Book Club

5 Tree Rating

Merry Christmas and happy reading our Book Club friends.

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Ooh, look at me! - Book Club Book Review - Kipper's Christmas Eve by Mick Inkpen Ooh, look at me! - Book Club Book Review - Kipper's Christmas Eve by Mick Inkpen