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Crochet Forever Love Roses - WITH FREE PATTERN (below)

After I had crocheted the Forever Love Hearts, I really wanted to try my hand at roses. I am really fussy about the look of crocheted roses and couldn't find an existing pattern that I was satisfied with. I decided to make my own. I knew roughly what I wanted it to look like and knew it had to be done in separate pieces. I started with working in the round and made three circular pieces, as the petals, to start with. Then I tried piecing them together, which was tricky because I wasn't quick sure how I was going to get them to stay together. I also realised that I was going to need more then just three pieces to make a full rose. I ended up needing seven petals and I was able to sew them together by wrapping each one around the others and overlapping them on the one before.

I crocheted leaves to fit around the base of the rose and sewed them on.

For the stems, I purchased some 6mm metal gardening rods and some green florist tape. I found them all on eBay at very reasonable prices. I put two rods together and pushed them up into the centre of the rose. I then wrapped the yarn ends from each petal around the rods, working my way down until the yarn ran out. After that I used the tape and wrapped it around the rods from top to bottom, and back up again. The flower is now finished.

I was so pleased with my finished product. It turned out exactly how I like a crochet rose to look. I also found that by using less pieces, I could make rose buds that could be used as boutonnieres or as a closed rose on a stem to give to a loved one. They would be great for weddings, Valentine's Day or just because you love someone.

I worked in UK Double Crochet/dc (US Single Crochet/sc) and working in the round. I also used a magic (adjustable) ring to start my round.


Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky (shade - Rose Red (313) and Evergreen (330)).

(Less than)1 x 100g (3.5oz/149yds/136m) ball.

Weight category: UK Chunky [US 5/Bulky/Chunky].

Tension/gauge: 14 stitches x 20 rows = 4″ (10cm) on size 6mm/UK 4 [US J/10] hook.

The crochet hook I used was a 6mm/UK 4 [US J/10].

I would give the Paintbox Yarns a 5 out of 5 for the following reasons:-

- It was easy to work and worked up quickly;

- There is a large choice of colours available;

- The feel of it was extremely soft;

- The cost of yarn is very reasonable - I paid about £2.25 per 100g ball and you get a lot on a ball;

- Would I use this yarn again? YES, DEFINITELY. You will see this yarn in a lot of my projects from now on.



Paintbox Simply Chunky in Rose Red and Green

6mm Crochet Hook

Stitch marker


Darning/yarn needle

NOTES: The instructions are written in UK terms, US terms are in [SQUARE PARENTHESES].  For other countries see                 “Crochet Conversion Charts”.

                Knowledge of the Magic (adjustable) Ring technique and working in the round is required for this crochet project.

                To make smaller roses - either use DK yarn or complete less rounds.

                To make larger roses - continue increasing each round until you reach your required size.


PETALS (make 7)

Make a magic (adjustable) ring, ch 1.

Rnd 1: Work 6dc [sc] into ring (do not sl st to join);

Rnd 2: Work 2dc [sc] in first st of prev rnd (place marker in the first st to keep track of the beg of the rnd), then 2dc [sc] in each st around (12dc [sc]);

Rnd 3: *dc [sc] next st, 2dc [sc] next st* rep all way around (18dc [sc]);

Rnd 4: *dc [sc] in each of next 2 sts, 2dc [sc] next st* rep all way around (24dc [sc]);

Rnd 5: *dc [sc] in each of next 3 sts, 2dc [sc] next st* rep all way around (30dc [sc]), fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing together.


With green, ch 22, sl st to first ch to make a ring;

Rnd 1: *ch 6, dc [sc] 2nd ch from hook, htr [hdc] next ch, tr [dc] next, dtr [tr] next and ttr [dtr] next, sk 5 chs on ring and sl st next 2 chs* rep two more times. Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing onto rose.

Making up


Roll one petal from left to right and sew to hold. Wrap the next petal around so that it covers the join on the first petal. Repeat this for each petal.


Position the hole in the ring central on the base of the rose. Once you are satisfied with its position, sew it in place.


Take 2 rods and gently push them into the centre of the rose, from underneath and through the centre of the leaves. Wrap the yarn ends around the rods, working your way down as you do. Take the tape, starting at the top, wrap it round the top a few times and work your way down the rods. At the bottom, wrap the tape around a few times and then work your way back up to the top, cut tape.


I hope this brings you creative joy and inspires you to start your own yarn-tastic journey.

You can sell anything you make using this pattern but please respect my right as owner of this design and pattern by not redistributing, copying or selling it nor claiming it as your own (FOR FULL TERMS PLEASE SEE OUR “TERMS & CONDITIONS” SECTION).  Let’s get yarning and please share your creations with me on social media, I would love to see them and hear from you.

Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Forever Love Roses Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Forever Love Roses Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Forever Love Roses Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Forever Love Roses Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Forever Love Roses - petals Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Forever Love Roses - parts Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Forever Love Roses - sewing petals together Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Forever Love Roses - sewing petals together Ooh, look at me! - Crochet Forever Love Roses - florist tape and rods