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Simple Sew: Ruby Dress #003 (review, project and photos by Kayleigh)

I’ve always wanted to make my own clothes and have them perfect for me. A few years ago I started reading different sewing magazines and one of them was Love Sewing. There were lots of good ideas that could be easily adapted to fit properly or look the way you want to create the perfect project.

One of the things that I love about these magazines is the free sewing pattern that comes with them. I seem to have ended up with a whole pile of them from different magazines.

This project started with the material. I had the pattern but hadn’t really thought about using it, until I found this lovely vintage style material. It is the perfect texture and weight for the dress, with the perfect kind of pattern on it for the dress type. I found the material in ‘Trago’, a department store in Cornwall. I always find Cornwall inspiring. I also seem to find amazing bargains. The material cost me around £15 but I bought a lot more than what I needed in case I made mistakes (which I did) and so I could have a little for other projects in the future. Overall the cost was less than £10 to make.

When I started, I used pieces of tracing paper to trace the pattern pieces following the size 8 lines. Although, it was difficult to see the different lines in some places. Once I had cut out the pieces I wasn’t sure what to do next, the pattern did have instructions, but I had never used a pattern before. I would recommend reading information about the different markings on a pattern before using one.

I really wasn’t very confident in myself and my capabilities so I put it away for a while. Instead I decided to make bags (which are much simpler) following instructions on the Woman’s Weekly website (the links are included below). This really helped and boosted my confidence and skills on the sewing machine.

Eventually I decided to just go for it and see what happens. I re-read the instructions and worked out which pieces were wrong. Luckily, I had the extra material (I didn’t even use all of it). I searched Google for anything I didn’t know, and started sewing it together. It was quite easy although the instructions weren’t always clear, if you have used patterns before it would be easier to understand.

Once I had made the dress it seemed too short for me so I added an extra piece on the bottom to extend it. I also found the bodice was too loose so I pulled it in a little under the arms and stitched it like the darts, and then folded it over and stitched it to the interfacing.

I love vintage style designs and this dress definitely has a 50’s vibe to it. I had a lot of fun making it and I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

The pattern I used was ‘Simple Sew: Ruby Dress #003’. It was an ‘Adventurous Beginner Level’ design and covers sizes 8-18(UK). This pattern was exclusive to ‘Love Sewing Magazine’.


Woman’s Weekly Tote Bag Tutorial: http://www.womansweekly.com/craft/how-to-make-a-tote-bag-16078/

Love Sewing Magazine (Ruby Dress #003): http://www.lovesewingmag.co.uk/learn-to-sew/sewing-news/item/328-love-sewing-issue-4

My Tote bags blog post

I would love to see your creations inspired by magazines.

May all your crafting wishes come true...


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